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Flinders Family

Flinders Family

My name is Zac Flinders. I am crazy about photography, everything outdoors, and my family. I have been pursuing photography ever since I was a young lad wandering the backwoods of Southern Utah. I currently live in Salt Lake City, where I am a medical student at the University of Utah.

I have experience with both portraiture and landscape photography; although landscape photography has been my focus as of late. And let me tell you, some serious fun and adventure has been had in the making of each and every composition on this site!

Landscape photography combines so many of my passions and restores balance to my life in a way that nothing else can. I hope that you can experience something similar while browsing my work here and each time you see it displayed in your home or office.

Thanks for stopping by and please contact me with any custom project ideas or questions about purchasing!

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